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An Overview of Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

The first certification course in MUA for chiropractors was developed in the mid-1980’s, by Dr. Rob Francis while Dean of Clinical Sciences at Texas Chiropractic College and after being certified and proctored in MUA by board certified orthopedic surgeons. A variety of standards for MUA have been taught since by non-academic proprietary organizations over the last fifteen years. MUA has been utilized in manual medicine for over 70 years. Increased participation of chiropractors on hospital medical staffs and with medical physicians has made both the facilities and training more available for performing and credentialing this procedure.

Specific protocol for the procedure has been developed by academic institutions and national and international organizations towards an effort to recognize training programs and clinical outcomes that establish a safe and effective means of implementing this procedure across the country in appropriate hospital and ambulatory surgical settings. Most recently the International MUA Academy of Physicians was organized to provide an avenue for the dissemination of valid and authoritative database of current research and new scientific developments in the field of Manipulation Under Anesthesia for physicians dealing with chronic difficult cases through efforts to develop evidence-based principles for MUA clinical application and practice. read more»

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