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Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation incorporates clinical lifestyle recommendations, manual treatments and functional exercise regimes to help patients regain normal function of their spine and limbs. Therapy begins by identifying faulty patterns of movement often resulting from poor posture, improper lifting mechanics, fitness training errors or injury. These improper movements will, over time, load certain joints in the body more than others. Early on, the subtle changes in movement or muscle activation can go unnoticed by the patient. However over time, the increased stresses placed on the joints and surrounding soft-tissues can produce pain in muscles or joints and/or cause areas of restricted movement and a loss of proper joint function.

Therapeutic Exercise

As a part of your rehabilitation, your therapist may prescribe different therapeutic exercises, both active and passive, for you to perform during your sessions. physical rehab  PrincetonPerforming your prescribed exercises will:

  • Improve your ability to perform a functional activity
  • Improve your general health status
  • Maintain your health (for work or recreational purposes)
  • Strengthen problem areas post-surgery
  • Strengthen necessary muscles to prevent further injury from work or sport

Therapeutic exercise can also correct faulty bodily mechanics that may be causing injury.

Functional Training

Our training programs help you improve specific activities, regain comfort with activities, or improve your quality of life. Our functional programs train and rehabilitate the entire body as a total unit. This concept is at the cutting edge of getting fit, preventing injury, and speeding recovery from injury.

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