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Manipulation Under Anesthesia: Historical Considerations

Manual medicine, or therapeutic application of the hands in patient care, is as old as medicine itself. It is found in ancient civilizations and in modern times throughout the world. As early as 6000 years ago in ancient India and by 5000 years ago in the eastern Mediterranean spinal manipulative therapy was utilized in the treatment of various conditions. Appearing simultaneously in Mesopotamia and Egypt the origins of Western medicine were forged by an early class of physician. Ancient Indian and Chinese texts include spinal manipulative therapy for the improvement of posture, locomotion, paralysis, and various disease states. As the art of medicine evolved so too did the theoretical basis for manipulative interventions. It is Greece where medicine was first documented to have become committed to scientific objectivity and where we find definite confirmation of the practice of spinal manipulation. It was the Hippocrates, in his book On Joints, who first described techniques of spinal manipulation to treat curvature of the spine and misalignment of the vertebrae. read more»

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